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A poem to my Lord

Have you seen the smile of the King?

Is there light that darkness can beat?

You are the root of all love my Lord Most High.

You are mighty in grace and truth.

All praises of men you have heard, our language too finite to declare your glory.

Heavenly bodies their names You know, You, like a father of many children.

Fruitfulness is of You, and blessings forever.

You are the radiance of the dejected my Lord Jesus,

You are the wisdom of the confused.

The strength of the despairing weak.

You remind them of Your truth.

Your hand, You have spread over our heads

And so it is written, ‘blessings are on the head of the righteous.’

You satisfy those who know You with abundance—they know the beating of Your heart.

Like two lovers, intertwined in a heavenly dance;

Grace, wisdom and beauty beyond all measure.

Lord Jesus You are the hope of my life,

The light of my way,

I feel like a needy friend, but you are there everyday.

Feed me I ask, a sheep, a son.

For my rest is cuddling up in Your bosom.

Sweet love You have for me my Abba,

Your wine mixed with spices has gladdened my heart.

A banquet of wine forever.

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Resting on the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ at the cross, and the faithfulness of God our Abba.

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